Pisco Sour: Peru´s flagship cocktail born up in the Andes

In 1904, Cerro de Pasco was a small ore-mining town perched up the Peruvian Andes. For the inauguration of its first railway, Victor Morris, an American engineer who had supervised its construction, was commissioned to set up the whiskey sours for the 5,000 guests attending. Unfortunately, he couldn´t get enough whiskey delivered to the remote location. Luckily, there was an abundance of pisco in town, which the clever man substituted for the whiskey...

Pisco Sour: The ingredients

90ml of pisco - 1 egg white - 45ml of lime juice - 45ml of simple syrup - 5 ice cubes - Angostura biters

Pisco Sour: The recipe

1) Place the pisco, egg white, lime juice, simple syrup and ice cubes into a shaker

2) Shake firmly for 10 seconds

3) Pour the mix into an old-fashioned glass through a strainer 4) Sprinkle a few drops of angostura bitters on the foamy top