Pisco, Olives And Brown Sugar

For us, a perfect serve need not be complex. Straight pisco, a few black olives sprinkled with brown sugar. That´s all we need to get to the essence of Rompe Mar. The idea of a perfect serve came as we began observing an interesting phenomenon: how can you tell when someone´s drinking Tequila? The slice of lemon immediately pops to mind.

Mezcal has done the same thing and adopted the slice of orange with gusano salt. Beyond the fact both of these combinations make a great pairing, it´s also marketing genius. You see, both of these distillates are transparent. If it were not for the slice of lemon sitting besides the tequila glass, you wouldn´t be able to tell that a particular person is drinking tequila. Pisco is also transparent, and thus needs its flagship pairing ingredient. As it turns out, black olives with sprinkled brown sugar makes for a great one. It balances the sweetness and herbal notes contained in the pisco with something slightly salty, giving it a roundness, fully allowing the pisco to fledge its muscles to provide for a truly breathtaking experience.

The Perfect Serve: The ingredients

60ml of pisco - A few black olives - Brown sugar

The Perfect Serve: The recipe

1) Serve the pisco into a nosing glass

2) Place the olives near and sprinkle them with the brown sugar